Favorite Things Friday

I know it’s Friday and all, but it’s been a little crappy thus far. It’s raining, a guy was a real jerk at Starbucks, my coffee sucked, I got some bummer news, and got yelled at and subsequently had a little pity party at my desk. Whenever I’m a little bummed, I like to get all Sound of Music on myself and find some of my favorite things. Here are the best things I’ve seen this week:

—First of all, a freaking HUGE congratulations to my friend Jen Lemen who won the Name Your Dream Assignment contest. I can’t think of someone more deserving with a project that will change you. So happy for her!

—A lesson on speaking with authority about who you are here, from the always wise Magpie Girl.

—coveting pretty much everything in this lovely Etsy shop, and loving the blogger that goes with it.

—if you haven’t read this collection of creepy, re-done children’s stories, you’re missing out. Not for the easily offended, but definitely some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read.

—For inspiration, I like to check out three sites: The Happiness Project, White Hot Truth and Rock Your Day. All have great motivational tips to get you goin’ and encourage you to be your best. Love it!

—I’ve raved about this book to many of you, but if you’re looking for the best book I’ve read in awhile, than do check out Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri. This book is a collection of some of the best stories I’ve ever read and her writing is incredible. If you want a real treat, get the audio book—one of the best I’ve ever heard.

—And if you’re kinda pissed off, like me, than look no further than Lily Allen. She’s the new Alanis, in my humble opinion.

—And if all else fails, do what I plan to do when I leave work today: take a nap, preferably with your cat and boyfriend snuggled by your side.

Happy Friday, friends.


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