Happy Little Saturday…

Between being bogged down by grading and having a host of other commitments lately, it’d been awhile since Andrew and I took a day and did something fun. There’s an upscale shopping complex near our apartment that I’ve been meaning to check out, so we took a little trip over there. It was a perfect day out—sunny, 80 degrees and not too terribly crowded.

When we arrived, Andrew saw a booth advertising something tennis related, so he went to check that out while I wandered into Anthropologie. I love that store and it’s whimsical, earthy, adorable clothes; however, my wallet cannot justify $78 for a t-shirt, no matter how floaty and diaphanous it may be. Naturally, I booked it to the sale section, where I oohed and aaahed over the adorable clothes…that were still out of my budget. A few minutes later, Andrew burst in and said loudly, “Oh, thank god you’re in here! I asked the sales lady where the midgets might shop!” He drew quite a few looks from the rest of the sale browsers, and I, of course, was mortified. He likes to tease me about my height (5″1, compared to his 6″4) but isn’t usually so LOUD about it. I spent the rest of our time in the store keeping him from sitting on the perfect bedding and mocking some of the more “adventurous” jewelry. This, friends, is why you don’t take your boyfriend to Anthrolpologie. My next stop was Sur La Table, the world’s most amazing cooking store. For a total kitchen tool freak like me, this store is heaven. I seriously wanted to crawl into a Le Creuset dutch oven and fall asleep. They have amazing things to salivate over. I fantasize about one day having every kitchen tool you could ever dream of: creme brulee torches and sushi makers and all of the cool little gadgets for chopping and slicing and mixing and grating. Someday!

Andrew & me...

Andrew & me...

Such a gorgeous day at The Fountains...

Such a gorgeous day at The Fountains...

After shopping and wandering around outside for a bit, we headed over to Whole Foods for lunch. We wandered around the amazing food selections, trying to decide on some of their Mexican or Indian food, and finally settled on sandwiches. They were delicious. But the real delight came at dessert. Andrew had never, ever had gelato or sorbetto. Since he loves sour stuff, he was content with pineapple and strawberry sorbetto. I have an insatiable sweet tooth, so I went for the Salted Caramel gelato. And OH MY GOD. It literally was the most amazing thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. I can’t say enough about it. If you live remotely near a Whole Foods or somewhere else that sells gelato, get off the couch and run, not walk to see if they have Salted Caramel gelato. You won’t be sorry.

All my window-shopping wasn’t in vain. When we finished, we rolled over to Ross, where a normal gal on a teachers budget can go nuts. I’m a total skirt-lover, so I picked up a few summery skirts, a new black shirt (I can NEVER have too many) and some more Fit and Fresh tupperware for $6.99! I was so thrilled! And definitely got 3 cute skirts, a shirt and kitchen stuff for the price of ONE skirt at Anthropologie…which is good news in my book.

New skirts!

New skirts!

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