Songs I Never Get Tired Of…

1. Love, Love, Love — Tristan Prettyman (always makes me smile)

2. The World’s Greatest — Bonnie “Prince” Billy (always makes me cry)

3. Float On — Modest Mouse (cheers me up and puts life in perspective)

4. Take Me Out — Franz Ferdinand (makes me wanna go out!)

5. Everything’s Just Wonderful — Lily Allen (great mix of lyrical fun and a good beat)

6. Simple Life — The Weepies (sums up what I want my life to feel like)

7. Paperweight — Joshua Radin/Schuyler Fisk (sigh!)

8. You’re The World To Me — David Gray (this probably has more of an emotional attachment—reminds me of me and Andrew)

9. Genesis — Justice (makes me wanna shake it!)

10. Where Is My Mind? — The Pixies (especially this one…I freaking love it, turned up loud)


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One response to “Songs I Never Get Tired Of…

  1. Andrew

    How do you not have any Counting Crows songs on the list?

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