Right now…

Right this second, I am…

…Really thrilled to be feeling better. Yesterday was rough. Headache + nausea + 35 kids watching you try and suck fresh air in order not to puke = Worst. Friday. Ever.

…Feeling refreshed after a long coffee date with Jody, one of my best friends, and a fellow teacher who always reminds me why I’m passionate about what I do.

…Loving the song “World’s Greatest”, a cover of R. Kelly by Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lily Allen’s newest album “It’s Not Me, It’s You” and The Bird and The Bee’s “Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future.” Love, love, love new music, especially when I can listen to it in the car with my sunroof open because it’s gorgeous out.

…Doing a lot of deep thinking about who I am, and who I’m not and trying desperately to let the past live in the past, and look to the present and the future. Big stuff, people. Big stuff.

…Trying to be positive about the evil Pink Slip, and proceeding through this year as if next year is a guarantee and trying to prep curriculum and plan ahead. Although having a job {at least at my school} is NOT a for sure thing as of yet, it sure makes getting up in the morning a hell of a lot easier!

…Thrilled beyond belief to have re-connected and hung out with a lot of old friends as of late. It feels really good to have them back in my life, and to have friendships growing in a new different way.

…In LOVE with my garden! This morning, there were tiny yellow flowers on my tomatoes, a tiny new strawberry plant poking through and the sprout of a new herb. It is so fun to see progress after just a week! I really can’t wait ’til I have fruits and veggies and herbs!

…So freaking happy to have nearly finished my credential portfolio and be graduating in 2 WEEKS! Literally, after April 28th, my life will be so much easier and happier.

…Craving more Hot Cross Buns, something I randomly whipped up last night after reading the recipe on Chookooloonks and deciding I had to have one RIGHT THAT MOMENT.

{All credit due to the absolutely ADORABLE Kerri of “your wishcake” whose “on who I am…at the moment” posts inspired this one.}


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