Date Night!

Andrew and I are not big fancy dinner people. For the most part, we cook together at our apartment, occasionally grabbing a quick dinner somewhere casual. But, as a promotion for renting our apartment, we received a gift card and decided to go out for a truly fancy, expensive dinner as a fun treat. Obviously, since this is a special occasion, the diet went out the door for a night.

We decided to go to McCormick and Schmick’s, a seafood place that has amazing steak and fresh fish. Dinner was amazing…but instead of telling you about it, I’ll just show you the photographic evidence. Yes, I was that annoying chick photographing the restaurant. DON’T CARE.



I told Andrew to pose, and this is what I got. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, “I’m being sexy!” I mean, I think he’s sexy all the time, but um…really?

my dinner!

my dinner!

Yummy…this is my dinner. Petite filet mignon, stuffed shrimp and asparagus. It was more amazing than it looks.

Andrew's dinner

Andrew's dinner

Andrew got a Wild Mixed Grill: Chilean sea bass, salmon, a crab cake, asparagus, mushroom risotto…sooo yummy!


My creme brulee, before I decimated it.


The aftermath of dessert…literally had to hold myself back from LICKING THE RAMEKIN


Andrew making a spoon heart to tell me he loves me. Yep, we are that dorky. And in love.


Kisses! Made this one a little smaller, for obvious reasons 🙂

While the food was delicious, I think the best part was getting to have a special night, in the middle of the week with my favorite person. Since we live together, we do just about everything together, but special date nights remind me once again why I’m so lucky to be in love with this guy…


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One response to “Date Night!

  1. Jen

    Sounds like a super fun night! Matt & I need to get a sitter and do a date night soon. :o)

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