This sign was hung up on the community bulletin boards in Books Inc., where Dooce’s signing was. We cracked up at “Crass Commercialism (not appropriate)” and “NO CULTS.”

At first, we wondered why on earth they would specify NO CULTS and highlight it with such flourish. Then we saw a Scientology building two doors down. Coincidence? I think not.



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3 responses to “NOT APPROPRIATE

  1. You had me at “not appropriate” — hehehe.

  2. kel

    So are you gonna blog about meeting Dooce or what?

  3. Kim

    I was watching Oprah and I saw Dooce on it. The episode was entertaining. It was women talking about what no one ever told them about motherhood. After seeing the little bit with her I can see why you like her. I think I’m gonna have to check her out.

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