welcome to the jungle

When my good friend Leslie planted her garden and showed it off a few weeks ago, I’m not gonna lie: I thought she was a bit nuts. That is until she and our other friend, Becca, were talking about their gardens on our way to see Dooce this week. I decided to have Becca come over and help me plant my own garden.

It didn’t take long—I am already obsessed with my garden. I planted two different kinds of tomatoes, red pepper, strawberries, squash, artichoke, lemon thyme, basil, chives, rosemary, tarragon and catnip. I spent yesterday digging in soil and planting everything in adorable little pots. I woke up this morning, excited as a small child on Christmas to go look at my precious little babies. They were still there, sprouting and being completely adorable and I watered them with the pride of a mother.





The one downside is the fact that now, I will be relegated to being a total suburbanite and frequenting Home Depot. I had to return this morning to purchase a few additional things. It was overwhelming to say the least. Although I have read Stuff White People Like many times, I had no idea that Home Depot and Lowe’s were veritable meccas for the white, middle class yuppie.

Home Depot was a freaking madhouse. People were pulling plants off of shelving and there was much aggressive cart-pushing goin’ on. I have never seen so many clenched teeth as couples tried to avoid TOTALLY FREAKING LOSING IT at one another while perusing rose bushes and trying to decide which spray to buy to kill those pesky aphids. I, of course, being a lover of people watching and awkwardness, found this all hilarious. That is, until truly angry man pushed my cart and I nearly impaled myself on my tomato cages. I guarantee THAT would have pissed some people right off, mostly because it would have gotten blood all over their annuals.



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3 responses to “welcome to the jungle

  1. Jamie

    I love this for two reasons. Reason number one is because…it’s just so great. Reason number two is because I totally recognize your windows and patio. Fun stuff Amy!!!

  2. Carolina

    A) THD and Lowe’s are indeed white, middle class meccas. I worked there for a year. Welcome to my awkward form of entertainment!

    B) I have never seen people get more angry about seeds/pots/random household and yard items. In fact, I never even knew anger of such force could result from such things. Amazing.

    C) Over the past month I have stopped myself from planting things because I don’t think I can take them on the plane with me and I couldn’t stand to leave them here, lol. Planting…I want to do it. Sigh.

  3. Mighty Mouse

    Amy, Mighty here via Abbey’s blog. May I just say, hi-lar-i-ous. Srsly, I just laughed and laughed. Thank you. I don’t remember you being so caustic but I like it.

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