GiST — 4.4.09

1) Waking up early, only to have Andrew call me back for morning snuggles, before

2) Spending my morning with Becca, planting a garden, and then

3) Catching a quick nap on the couch, with Andrew petting my back before

4) Heading to my parents house for family time, and getting to have a long talk with my Grandma and

5) A delicious dinner with all of my favorite people in one room, followed by dessert and Yahtzee.


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One response to “GiST — 4.4.09

  1. Hey there,
    Found your blog from Holly’s e-course. Sounds like you have fun meeting Dooce.
    I am going to try those Old Navy underwear too 🙂
    I have a kindergartner I don’t know how you teach 1st grade they are crazy little people 😉 . Teaching is a special gift.

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