I did it…

As you may have read, Wednesday night was the BIG NIGHT where I got to see and meet the amazing Dooce. And, I’m happy to say that I had a successful meeting without embarrassment.

No matter what happened, it would have been a success, solely because it was a Wednesday, I got to leave work with friends and drink wine in the middle of beautiful downtown Mountain View. Seriously, the traffic was invisible, the weather was gorgeous and we had a great time. We arrived about an hour early, put our stuff down on chairs in the third row and promptly walked across the street and started drinking wine. About 10 minutes before the reading, we walked over to the book store and saw, amazingly, that our stuff was still in tact. To those of you standing who could have killed me with your dirty looks and stink eye, ummm, I guess I’m sorry. But only a little because we did show up early…so, in the words of Dooce, you can “suck it.”

Heather was amazing. Funny, witty, and incredibly gracious. I purchased her book, and the passages she read made me incredibly excited to read it. I’m nowhere near being pregnant, but it both terrified me and made me laugh out loud. It was fun to hear her Southern drawl, and to see how tall she is!

We got to meet her after the reading, and she was so stinking nice! I don’t know what I expected, but I know that if I were 7 months pregnant, exhausted from traveling and overwhelmed by a roomful of strangers, I don’t know how I’d manage to be that nice and friendly and kind to every person in line. She totally smiled, was pleasant and dealt with all four of us taking photos with her. And pretended not to notice the fact that I was teary with joy about meeting her.

Of course I couldn’t escape without asking one question: HOW DOES SHE TAME HER HAIR? She’s blogged repeatedly about her head of hair, something that endeared me to her. Because there is a special sisterhood, I’m convinced, of those of us with freaky hair. Her hair was gorgeous and smooth and laid perfectly straight and I was wrought with envy. Apparently, Kerastase is THE ANSWER and when I can afford it, I swear to goodness I’m trying it because I wanted to lick it, IT WAS THAT SMOOTH.

Dooce and me!

Dooce and me!

An added bonus was the chance to meet Maggie Mason! In case it’s not totally obvious, I’m a total blog lover, and in my eyes, Maggie is another huge influence. The biggest influence she’s had on me actually has to do with underwear. Yep, underwear. She wrote this and it seriously revolutionized my life. Those underwear DO NOT RIDE UP. They are awesome. They are pretty. So, Leslie and I wasted NO TIME telling Maggie all about our underwear drawer and how she’d changed our lives.

To say that Maggie was nice was an understatement. She was extremely personable, asking our names, and standing to chat with us for awhile. It was great.


Friends, wine, Dooce and Mighty Girl?!

One of the best nights I’ve had in awhile.


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  1. Glad you had fun…great pics!! And Kerastase? Worth EVERY penny!

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