GiST — 4.2.09

1) Soooo much support in the journey…thank you! I had so much anxiety about posting it, and was so overwhelmed by the kindness in comments.

2) A good workout at the gym…despite some complications and my reluctance to go and a million other things, I buckled down, went and challenged myself, with prodding from the always-amazing Andrew.

3) Sharing a post-workout kiss, in the cool breeze and the moonlight, that knocked my socks off and the pure joy of realizing that I’ve been kissing this same guy for nearly a year and a half and he still knocks my socks off.

4) Soaking in the hot tub with Andrew and listening to him talk about the bubbles and science experiments and all kinds of cute stuff he loves…

5) Tomorrow is Friday, and I have a fairly free weekend, without the evils of school or grading or anything else. Yessss!


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