On hopefully not embarrassing myself…

A few years ago, when I was working at Borders, I had the chance to meet Anne Lamott, who is one of my very favorite authors of all time. When she came to speak at my store, I was delighted. My manager knew from the fact that I CRIED when I heard she was coming that it would literally make a dream come true if I could meet her.

When my big moment came, I froze. I handed her my copy of her book, and she was so kind to me.

“What do you do here at Borders?” she asked me.

“Cashier…” I eeked.

She continued making small talk, I’m sure the whole time thinking it was so sweet that Borders hires people who are socially awkward and obviously can’t speak. I was so dumbstruck by the whole thing. Literally, starstruck. I love this woman. I wanted to tell her everything: how her writing made me feel understood, how much I loved Bird By Bird, how much she’d changed my life.

Instead, I repeated one phrase over and over like a damn parrot: “I love your writing!—-I love your writing!”

At the end, she hugged me—a good hug—and said my hair smelled nice. She explained that she’d just gotten over a cold and that it was nice to smell something good.

“I just took a shower!” I told her. Uh, awesome!

Tomorrow, I will meet another sort of Idol of mine. The much-revered Dooce is doing a reading in Mountain View, which is close enough for me to attend, and I’m going to go with some friends.

I am so excited, but so nervous. I don’t know if we’ll stay and meet her, but oh my god…what if? I hope I can come up with something more exciting than “I love your blog.”

Like maybe straightening her out on the pronunciation of “CRAYON.”



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6 responses to “On hopefully not embarrassing myself…

  1. Jen

    Sending you grand articulation vibes for your big meeting!

  2. Christina

    So, out of curiosity, which Anne Lamott book is your favorite, or rather which would you recommend to someone? A friend of mine recently recommended her as an author, but I am not sure which books to pick up first. Thoughts? Also, best of luck with meeting Dooce. I understand the clamming up and momentary stupidity that can accompany a meeting with someone you truly respect, look up to, etc. I have my own awkward story, very much like yours.

  3. Melissa D.

    OH MY GOD. OK, confession: I love your Twitter updates, so of course I found myself over to your blog, and I don’t even comment on blogs, as a general rule, but OH MY GOD YOU MET ANNE LAMOTT. And she hugged you and told you your hair smelled pretty! Well, now I have to hate you.

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