What I Did On My Spring Break…

Um, let’s actually start with what I did NOT do:

—wear makeup
—wear clothes that were not made of velour, cotton or other sweatpants-ish material, save for the times I left the house to see friends
—watch anything that made me smarter
—talk to anyone under the age of 21

All in all, my break was pretty fabulous. For those of you who are new to me, I teach 8th grade, and we just finished the Dreaded Third Quarter. I don’t know what it is about that period between January and March, but OH MY GOD, every single year, I hate it. It’s wet and rainy and Christmas is over and I’m no longer all newly motivated to be the Best! Teacher! Ever! because the kids are making me freaking nuts.

So, I did exactly what I wanted to do this break. I watched a crap ton of awful television. I napped. I stayed up past my usual bedtime of 10:30 and slept in later than 6:00. I cooked elaborate meals that were healthy and didn’t involve a microwave. I saw friends and family and got to be a little snuggle bunny with Andrew. Spring break wasn’t all fun and games, though—I made a significant dent in the massive portfolio hanging over my head in order to finish my credential. I worked out. I relaxed, and surprise, surprise: the rest of my life runs soooo much more smoothly when I’m not working.

Truly, this two weeks were two of the better of my life lately. I feel relaxed.

Oh, and those of you who are super jealous? I just want to remind you that now, I only have 45 working days ’til I’m off for 2 months! Sure, those 45 days will be filled with 103 8th graders who are eager to get to high school, standardized testing and spring fever, as well as my own classes and other life stuff, but oh well.

I can totally hang for 9 weeks.


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