Crappy Television I’m Embarrassed About

When I lived alone, I decided that I could totally live without television. I did it, I guess…so noble in my little studio apartment, with my books and my art supplies and yoga mat. Even when I lived with a roommate, we opted against TV since we were both so busy and rarely home.

This is not the case, now. Not even close.

When Andrew and I started dating, I was suddenly thrust in to the glory of having television again. Many, many nights were spent hanging out, eating dinner and spending time together while watching TV. Of course, it wasn’t MY television, so there was no way I was going to command what we would watch together. I sat politely, agreeing to watch whatever show sounded appealing to both of us, trying not to express a preference or be too strong-willed about what we should watch on HIS TV.

Well, living together changes everything. This means that the television is half mine and that pretty much gives me time to watch all of the crap I want. Oh sure, there’s the usuals: America’s Next Top Model, The Real Housewives of the OC and others whose names I refuse to type, along with “our shows” like The Biggest Loser, The Office and my personal favorite, 30 Rock.

This is all fine and good; however, there is one show I find myself particularly obsessed with.

Jon and Kate: Plus 8.

I’m ashamed. I really have no idea why I like this show, yet I have found myself consumed in episode after episode. Sure, the kids are cute. They really are. I find myself the biggest fan of Aaden, with his little glasses (I hope everyday that my kids wear glasses, solely for my own amusement) and penchant for being referred to by animal names. See? I told you! I KNOW THEIR NAMES. This is a problem, Internet.

The worst part is that for the majority of the show, I find myself getting so angry at what I see. The kids spend nearly half or more of the episode crying! Jon and Kate fight non-stop, bickering and bantering about stupid, stupid things. They push organic and get paid to take ridiculous trips and Kate is kinda nuts about a lot of stuff. Yet I can’t turn away.

The Season Finale is next Monday, and I cannot hardly wait. There has been quite a cliffhanger building. Jon and Kate have had increasing tension in their marriage. Will they divorce? Will they go to counseling? Or is this just some STUPID PLOY TO KEEP SUCKING ME IN?!

I don’t want to even tell you how many times I’ve Googled “Jon and Kate +divorce”. It’s embarrassing. I just want to know now! How will I wait ’til Monday?! HOW?

This whole post is really humiliating, and I promise that I really don’t just sit around and Google nonsense rumors about a “reality” show that caters to the 30+ mom demographic (for which I’m too young and childless).

But next Monday? You’ll find me on that couch.


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4 responses to “Crappy Television I’m Embarrassed About

  1. SO funny! I absolutely love this show. I don’t have TV here either, so I catch it where and when I can, but she is freaking annoying and oh-so-rude to her hubby….yet I still love it. everything you said was so right on and hilarious! hah!

  2. Kate is leaving him secretly to join the other lesbians at Home Depot!! =)

  3. Kim

    I love Jon and Kate plus 8 too. Jeff (my hubby) laughs at me when I gripe about Kate’s griping. They are all over the gossip mags about a divorce and Jon cheating on her with Penn State coeds. It’s scary how much I know. 🙂

  4. gina

    ANTM is my favorite too… Once a week I watch it online in my bed while I munch on frozen mangoes… guilty pleasure ALL THE WAY!!!

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