Grace In Small Things

If you don’t know the amazing Schmutzie, first of all, you are missing out on some amazing writing. Secondly, you may or may not be aware of her equally amazing project, Grace In Small Things, the focus of which is to “wage a battle against embitterment.”

It’s easy to be bitter, isn’t it? I will totally own up to the fact that I’m not the best at “letting the little things go.” I grouse and complain about just about everything, from the speed of drivers on the freeway to the small stupid things my students do to about a million other things that I won’t list here. At least not in this entry.

Anyways, I love this idea, and while I may not be awesome enough to do it daily, I do wish to make it a regular thing on this blog. I’m a big believer in counting blessings—it can make even the worst day seem just a titch more bearable.

Without further adieu: today’s addition of GiST:

1. Getting to sleep in without having to go to work,

2. which enabled Andrew and me to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at Noah’s Bagels

3. before going to the grocery store and

4. Andrew training me in our apartment complex’s very nice gym

5. before enjoying a lovely dinner of corned beef and cabbage with my parents, who were very proud of my new site.

Take the challenge on your own blog, or even in your own journal. Less bitterness for one means less bitterness for all those you encounter.


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