getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

Since we’re in the process of getting to know one another, what better way to do (besides read my About Me) than do the quintessential viral meme of 25 Things About Me…

1.  I haven’t vomited since I was 14 years old.  I don’t plan to ever again.  The noise, smell, thought, imitation, etc. of throwing up sends me into a tailspin including tears, shaking and total fear.  Before seeing a movie, I check a special website for kids that lists if there is vomit in a movie so I can anticipate it.  I used to not be able to use public restrooms because I was convinced that someone inside would be vomiting.  I take my chances now, but I do still get scared.

2.  I love office supplies.  Paper clips, binder clips, highlighters, calendars.  Being a teacher is amazing, solely because I need to use all of them.  This delights me to no end.

3.  I hate even numbers.  When I get gas, I always make sure they end in an odd number.  Same thing on the treadmill, taking bites and organizing things.  Oddly enough, number four is acceptable, but never at the end—and only because it’s my birthday month.

4.  I realize this is lame and passive-aggressive, but I really hate people who don’t say thank you.  I like courtesy waves, thank you notes and even a quick “thanks” when I help you, let you into traffic, send you something, give a gift, etc.  Maybe all of those years of my mom insisting on thank you notes tainted me, but I really like them.  A lot.  And I try to always acknowledge gifts and even the smallest acts of goodness.  I’m not saying I never forget or that I can appear ungrateful at times, but I try really, really hard not to.

5.  I make ridiculous amounts of lists, for everything.

6.  I have never lived outside of California.

7.  I have never traveled outside of the US, but I think about it all the time, and am hoping to go somewhere the summer of 2010.

8.  I adore the color pink.

9.  I am a germophobe, especially when it comes to food.  I hate leftovers, food that is remotely near the expiration date and anything that has been left out for over a half an hour.  It freaks me out.

10.  I am completely unproductive when things are messy.  I literally cannot do anything else until things are clean and organized, especially when it comes to my desk at work.

11.  I didn’t have TV for over 2 years.  I am a take it or leave it kind of person: if I have it, I am OBSESSED, but if not, I can totally deal with it.  Right now, I have it and you can bet that I am totally obsessed with all kinds of awful shows.

12.  I am an NPR-a-holic.  It’s on in my classroom and car almost all the time.

13.  I get really sad when people cut me out of their life or simply stop making time for a friendship.  I seem to hold on to these feelings of sadness a lot longer than most people do.

14.  I talk to or email my parents nearly everyday, and Andrew and I spend every Sunday evening with them.  I desperately need that time.

15.  I LOVE calendars and day-planners.  In fact, if I feel like I need a change, or a new phase is beginning, I will almost always buy one.  I also use Google Calendar for everything because it’s awesome.

16.  My favorite candy ever is chocolate covered gummy bears.

17.  I am easily irritable and pet peeves include: loud chewers, people who chew with their mouths open, people who do not blow their nose when they clearly need to, lateness, insensitivity, bad service at restaurants, mispronunciation, txt talk and a host of other things.  UGH.

18.  If I don’t have coffee by 10:00 am, I have a raging headache.  I am that much of a caffeine addict.

19.  I strongly prefer Diet Coke to everything, including Coke Zero and Diet Pepsi.  Regular soda coats my teeth, which is foul.

20.  I love mail.  Snail mail, to be precise.  When I was younger, I maintained several pen-pal relationships with friends from camp and other places and used to clamor for the mail key.  While I’ve lost touch with those friends, I love sending and receiving mail.  It makes my day.

21.  I have deformed pinky fingers.  Well, maybe deformed is a little strong, but they don’t lay down flat; instead, they pop up at this weird angle.  It’s um, not cute.  But whatever.

22.  When I was younger, I hated cooking and crafting anything.  Once I moved out and had my own kitchen and space, I fell in love with it.  My mom and grandma are still in shock, but I think it took having my own place to try and fail without everyone watching for me to get comfortable.

23.  I am ridiculously proud of my handwriting.

24.  It shocks the people who know me well, but I am really quiet in big groups at first.  Friends who have hung out with me for years will invite me to some sort of big gathering, and instead of talking and being social, I will sit quietly on the sidelines.  I really, really prefer small groups or one on one time to large groups.  I am really, really shy with people I don’t know.

25.  I never, ever had detention when I was in school.  I am the teacher who is super sympathetic to that kid who is hysterical over being tardy or not doing their work and receiving a lunch detention.  Because I would have been the same way, hands down.


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One response to “getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

  1. Sam

    1. I also hate to throw up. I don’t have your phobia about it, but I went many many years without doing so, on sheer willpower alone. Probably the most disconcerting thing about giving birth is that I threw up! You probably didn’t want to know that.

    2. I am horrible at thank you notes, the sheer magnitude of it overwhelms me – probably because I want to write the PERFECT note. But I can rock a thank you email, or a phone call.

    3. I didn’t know they made chocolate covered gummi bears! I like plain Haribo ones, or gummi colas (always Haribo brand).

    4. I also didn’t feel comfortable in the kitchen until I could do things on my own, without my mom correcting me. Now my mom and I can cook and bake together without me wanting to run away from the kitchen, screaming! I really want to make things fun for Thomas and let him “help” me in the near future!

    5. I absolutely hate it when people use “LOL” in excess. Once is okay, but when you use it like a freaking comma, it is a problem.

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